Graphic Design

Graphic Design


This poster was Graphic design work. The brief went as followed: You will design a poster for an opera of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen ( GMT students design a printed poster (B2 format = 50x70cm, portrait, PDF). You will visually design the content of the opera in such a way that the target group is addressed and the story of the opera is quoted in the image. You develop your own illustrative style, with your own design language, use of color, and techniques. The content to be designed is given, may be handled creatively, and must be reflected in the design. As a first step, you do extensive research into the target group. Who is this target group? How will you communicate visually with that target group? How do you get your design to convince the target group to come and watch the specific opera? As the second step in your research, you will investigate sufficient illustrative visual material, aimed at the target group and in reference to your own technical skills. Which illustrative styles do you find interesting according to the subject of the assignment and the target group? The intention is that you find inspiration, that you learn how others come to a specific look & feel and that you develop your own illustration style based on your own preferences and technical skills. Therefore, it is not the intention to work in an already existing style and/or to imitate the current style of theatre house Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. The only element from the corporate identity of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen that you must incorporate into your design is the current logo. Make sure to analyze technique, typography, color, composition, and concept in this assignment. Develop several possible design tracks, based on your research of different illustration styles and techniques. Make the right design choices and give us a clear view of the entire design process by visualizing the different steps and preliminary designs.


I wanted to make a modern poster to attract younger people to go to the opera. I wanted it to express the magic and wonder, but also the sadness of the story without spoiling the not-so-happy ending.


The result is two posters made with the young target group in mind. I’ve created a silhouette of Russalka with a digital watercolor brush in Photoshop. The colors are tints of blue to directly make the connection with water, but also to give it a sad undertone. I wanted this silhouette to be the focal point of everything, so I listed it with a dark border where I also put the text. The poster speaks to your imagination, it captures your attention when you walk by. It speaks to your curiosity.
This is the poster that I turned in as the result.
This poster is the other version of the first poster. In this poster, I used a hind of color with a circle behind the silhouette. The dark edges are also gone, which gives the poster a lighter look than the first one.