No words

Graphic design / Illustration
Cover AIT portfolio

Graphic design / Illustration


This book was made as a portfolio work for the lesson ‘Advanced Illustration Technology’.


It needed to be a portrait of yourself within a story that you yourself needed to create. The title of the portfolio was pre-determent to be ‘No Words’. This was also the theme of the portfolio.


The result is a portfolio that depicts a normal day in my life, mixed with a more illustrated look that symbolizes my creativity but also my feelings. The strokes of colors that flow throughout are made to make the story coherent and to stitch the different styles together. You can see the full process with this link:
View the book:
View the book:
This is the colophon of my book. As you can see, we start in the dark.
At the end of my book, I close my sketchbook. The door to creativity also closes, or does it…?