Gravity poster

Graphic design

Graphic design


The brief went as followed: ‘GRAVITY’ has issued a pitch for the design of a campaign image for a contemporary poster exhibition. In this assignment, you must play all your creative assets! It is important to find the right tone of voice and to make a compelling design that will catch the eye of the target group (design/print lovers, creative addicts, artists). The unique and specific character of the exhibition will certainly have to be given a place in the design. Try to stand out. The objective is to develop your own experimental visual style. Stay clear from recognizable existing styles and look further than the visual expressions already known to you. For this pitch, you will design a poster (A) and your own chosen promotional tool (B).


The theme and title of the exhibition is ‘GRAVITY’. You should interpret this term in the widest possible sense of the word. For example, words like ‘attraction’ or ‘repulsion’ are relevant entry points for the concept. The only condition: the concept of the new campaign image must be based on an experimental, pre-determined process. This can be a physical, chemical, spiritual, analog, digital,… process, or a combination of several of the above-mentioned processes. The concept of the image-making (= the experiment) is at least as important as the visual/aesthetic output.


I shattered a mirror by throwing a crowbar on it, then I used the thick shards to make a composition on a white canvas and photographed it. The edges of the pieces had interesting patterns and swirls. I was inspired by this, so I experimented with effects in Photoshop. I used two sorts of effects on the picture: twirl and Liquify. Mostly the effect was made by the twirl effect, but I touched up the edges with the liquify tool. Then, I also made the colors pop by giving it a more purple-blue look. This, for me, also did me think about space and made the details in the twists more interesting. I was going for an abstract and modern poster. I reflected this in the use of the fonts. By creating two vertical lines with the text, they act as guides to follow the flow in my art and make it also the center of the poster. I made this effect even stronger by using a black circle behind my creation. This focuses the intention on the most interesting part and also lets your eye gravitate towards the middle of the poster.
View the process:
View the process:
This is an additional design that was part of the brief. This is the extra promotional tool in the form of a wristband needed to enter the exhibition.
This is an additional design that was part of the brief. This is the packaging design of the wristband needed to enter the exhibition.