Den Socialen Media

Graphic Design / Illustration
Poster_Den Socialen Media

Graphic Design / Illustration


This was a work for Studio Still. The brief was to make a poster design based on the retro style of the graphic heyday of safety communication, inspired by old safety posters. The aim is to inform society about the dangers of social media or advice that can protect us. At the start of making this poster, we had to do research on the history of the security poster and be graphically and illustratively inspired. We also had to choose one of the seven themes from this list: – Fake News – Cyberbullying – War propaganda – Self image – Extremism – Addiction – Cyber ​​stalking


We had to be inspired by this theme and come up with a baseline to indicate the danger, or offer a solution and create an illustrative answer in retro style via a visual metaphor in our poster.


The result is a retro poster illustrated with the theme of Addiction in mind. This is a command of how addictive Social Media really is without even realizing it. I make use of a visual metaphor by comparing the addiction to cigarettes with social media, with a nod to a past where there were lots of cigarette campaigns. The caption below reads: “Be master of your deeds and not the slave!”.