Graphic Design

Graphic Design


This was a graphic design project. The brief went as followed: You create an editorial around a self-chosen designer. The content and design are the results of well-executed research. You are going to design a magazine and provide it with content about your chosen designer/design studio. It is important to note that this magazine may not look like the own brochure or portfolio of the designer. It should be an ‘editorial’ where a good balance is found between articles and media (photo, video, animation,).


Create a magazine of at least 16 pages, format free. End result is both digital as physical (printed and cut clean). The end result must resemble a real magazine in terms of content and form that you could buy in a magazine store or in a specialized store (such as Copyright Bookstore or International p 5 / 6 Magazine Store) depending on your chosen target group. This magazine includes minimum the following: front & back cover, news, interviews, work, reviews, videos, timeline, map.


I’ve created a fun and creative magazine. The cover also exists of two pages, one transparent with the orange text and drawings, and the actual cover with the title and the image. On the inside, the title pages are also printed on transparent paper and the pages between are orange. For this project, I also experimented with drawn text and little illustrations to make the design more interesting and fun. I think this magazine turned out really well. I used the knowledge from previous lessons with the things that I found researching sources.
View the full book:
View the full book:
Here you can see the timeline we needed to create.
This is an example of the titles.